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TIPE 2021

"With a mission of ‘Promoting, supporting, and inspiring women using Additive Manufacturing technologies,’ Women in 3D Printing seeks to foster a more diverse industry. Within six years of existence, Women in 3D Printing managed to grow from a simple blog to one of the largest Additive Manufacturing community worldwide, with over 75 chapters in 28 countries. The TIPE 3D Printing conference is built by and for this community of 10,000+, and features an inspirational all-female agenda of speakers over a 2-day global conference, which is a world's premiere for the industry.

TIPE | 2021 welcomes everyone and we certainly hope to see you at the premiere of this global virtual annual meeting."

Technology, Industry, People, Economics, Youth

With a focus on case studies, additive manufacturing user applications, visionary talks on the future, and people shaping the industry, TIPE | 2021 curates an inspirational all-female agenda of speakers and panelists. Long-lasting connections and networking opportunities are emphasized throughout this human-centered event, which welcomes all members of the additive manufacturing and related community.

I don't think I've ever put so much work into anything as I did for this conference talk. The link to the video will be in this blog post (many gracious thanks to the stunning Billie Reuben for not only hosting the video on her channel, but also for helping me with the cute images and slide design).

Presentation Outline

1. Introduction

2. Part design: 3D printing constraints – learning to set healthy boundaries for yourself and your prints

3. Build Setup: Support design – how to setup support networks for yourself in the workplace

4. Machine Setup: Sometimes, its up to the laser gods/may the lasers be ever in your favor – meaning that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and its not your fault/focus on the things you can control don’t worry about the things you can’t.

5. Printing: Material Behavior

6. Heat Treatment: Putting too much on your plate – a brief overview of potato-chipping and how not to exceed your own stresses

7. Conclusion: Just because you can print it, doesn’t mean you should (or that you have to) – a light chat on keeping your engineering ethics in sight.

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